We support dozens of Missionaries and their families across this world! We believe that while having an impact in your community is vital, we also have to fulfill the great commission by supporting those who are able to travel to the furthest regions of the world. Below is a list of each missionary we support, and how YOU can help them reach the lost!

Jeremy and Jenilee Goodwin

Missionaries to Senegal, Africa

Email Address: ourgoodwinjourney@gmail.com

Web Address: http://www.ourgoodwinjourney.com/

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Stephen & Sharon Bortner

Missionary to Chi Alpha

Email Address: stevebortner@gmail.com

Pat and Linda Cochenour

Missionaries to Indonesia

Email Address: pat.cochenour@agmd.org

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Judah and Kelly Tana

Missionaries to Thailand

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Dan & Beatriz Klaehn

Missionaries to Nicaragua, Latin America Caribbean

Email Address: dan.klaehn@agmd.org Website: http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/1931a7bb-67b7-4a1f-9a8e-33fd02c1fc1b

Gary and Janice Dickinson

Missionaries to Gabon, Africa

Email Address: gary.dickinson@agmd.org

Web Address: http://101707.agwebservices2.org

Mark Flattery

Missionaries to Pacific Oceana to Serving In Network 211, International Ministries

Email Address: mark.flattery@agmd.org

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Terry and Ruthanne Hoggard

Missionaries to Europe

Email Address: terry.hoggard@agmd.org
Web Address: www.gicn.org

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Jim and Ester Mazurek

Missionaries to Chile and Latin America Caribbean

Email Address: jim.mazurek@agmd.org

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Bob and Twyla McGurty

Healthcare Ministries

Email Address: bengalibob@gmail.com Website: http://mcgurty.com/

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John and Dina Musacchio

Missionaries to Costa Rica to Serving in Costa Rica, Latin America Caribbean

Email Address: john.musacchio@agmd.org Website: http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/f8424c3a-b01f-42c0-97d7-d0eeaacd9060

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Eric and Jan Muzart

Missionaries to SCF Russia/Ukraine

Email Address: eric.muzart@agmd.org Website: http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/fcfeb9ed-7c07-4a43-9725-35bb7a252177

Jay and Carrie Rostorfer

Missionaries to Madagascar and Africa

Email Address: jay.rostorfer@agmd.org

Web Address: http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/a9925c03-bf87-4b9f-8e97-a75b470aa66c

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Jim and Meg Thacker

Missionaries to South Africa

Email Address: jim.thacker@agmd.org Website: http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/a33866bb-0407-4fff-8aaa-f1fcfb01febc

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Don and Terri Triplett

Missionaries to El Salvador

Email Address: don.triplett@agmd.org Website: www.kingscastle.org, http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/1276dc7c-025a-4885-89c6-433b90b58791 Web Address: www.kingscastle.org

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Steven and Christina Walent

Missionaries to Germany

Email Address: stevenm.walentjr@hqmail.agmd.org Website: www.walent-street.com, http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/72d034e4-daf3-408a-92c1-6077e152484f

Brad and Rhonda Walz

Missionaries in Latin America Caribbean

Email Address: brad.walz@agmd.org Website: http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/2c866728-eafd-4134-b414-6e9142cdc806

Harvey and Maria Skinner

Missionaries to Italy Europe

Email Address: harvey.skinner@agmd.org Website: www.ministeringtomuslims.com, http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/42524d34-baa1-4805-b020-ff87947f2642

David & Marie Turner

Missionaries to Panama, Latin America Caribbean

Email Address: david.turner@agmd.org Website: www.turnerministries.com, http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/2a875a50-bed2-4c07-afb2-57392ec16e14

Jonathan and Michelle Wellborn

Missionaries to Argentina

Email Address: jonathan.wellborn@agmd.org Website: www.thewellborns.com, http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/5e42f94f-d838-4b6b-b20c-e7f14faa27ae

Mark and Carol Ryder

Missionaries to Global University

Email Address: mark.ryder@agmd.org Website: http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/4d555759-53d7-4632-8bc1-0e84dac60a9b

Gordon Wright

Missionary to Ukraine – Sister Church Project

Email Address: coming soon

David Wentling

Peter and Wilma Akright

Missionaries to North Africa

Michael and Cheri Baldree

Missionaries to Honk Kong

Chris and Debbie Bowser

Missionaries to Peru, Latin America Caribbean

Email Address: chris.bowser@agmd.org Website: www.thebowsers.org Website:http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/788d0b96-f185-4856-b209-d5f6cd1f576b

Connie Hunter

Missionary to Ecuador, Latin America Caribbean

Email Address: connie.hunter@ma.agmd.org Website: ripplesintoeternity.com Website: http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/632b1f06-ae45-46fa-96fc-86034ba12d46

Richard & Minna Boettiger

Missionaries to Germany

Email Address: richard.boettigerii@agmd.org Website: http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/632b1f06-ae45-46fa-96fc-86034ba12d46

Christine Little

Missionary to Zambia, Africa

Email Address: christine.little@agmd.org Website: http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/d5f098cc-0a1f-41da-b8b3-6073c251add0

Michael & Judith Maurer

Serving in Jacob’s Hope, International Ministries

Website: http://www.agmd.org/Profile/Index/ddf33fde-b7d9-4933-bc25-1e629bd2e75d

George and Debbie Flattery

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Mike and Ilona Hadinger

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Richard and Minna Boettiger

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Greg and Sarah Owens

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Project Rescue

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Duane and Tracie Corll

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Jay and Cinnamon Covert

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All of the missionaries/causes that we support right here in the United States.

Project Hope Families Moving Forward

National Center for the Blind

Alternaterm Pregnancy Center

Emerge Ministries

Teen Challenge

Lake County Jail Ministries

Abundant Life Counselling Center

Friendship A/G Illinois

Joseph & Angela Weser

Robert & Judith Willard

Stephen & Sharon Bortner

David & Kandy Bennett

Greg & April Mahaney

Life Church (Josh Martino)

Ray Balogh: Abundant Life Counseling Center

Forbes House: Home for Abused and Battered Women

Families Moving Forward: Project Hope for the Homeless

Josh Martino: Life Church, Strongsville OH