Sunday School

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We still believe in the value of Sunday School for its group dynamic, connectivity, and growth in God’s Word! Every Sunday morning we meet at 9:30am to not only hear a teaching from the Bible but also break out into small groups for further discussion on what we just heard. Join us this Sunday for one of our classes. We hope that you will reserve your 9:30am time slot every Sunday for the study of God’s Word and fellowship with others who are on the same journey. We believe that as we grow together through God’s Word we will be able to more effectively minister for Christ in our spheres of influence. This is just one more venue where our church’s dream to connect and grow gets played out!

Leading A Spirit Filled Life

What does it take? Where do I start? Who do I turn to and how do I begin? These are questions that are answered as we explore the Scriptures together. Join us as we learn what it means to be “under the inspiration and anointing of the Holy Spirit.” We will also learn how to begin experiencing God’s leading for using His gifts in reaching those who have not yet received Christ!
Room: Youth Chapel
Teachers: Kevin Garland, Marty Huffman, Chris Beard, and Will Johnson

In Session: Yes


Next is an environment for those who…
-are new to the church
-are interested in finding out more about the church
-want to get involved but don’t know what the next steps are
Room: B4 Office
Teacher: Pastor Aaron Taylor

In Session: Yes

Hearing God Through Your Dreams

Even when we’re asleep, Heaven is still awake. The question is: How do we simply and Biblically capture this flow every night? The Bible declares that God counsels us at night (Psalm 16.7). Through dreams, God can give us wisdom on next steps, encourage your faith, even warn against coming calamity. In this study, learn how to hear from God even when you’re sleeping.
Room: Choir Room (Hallway Behind Sanctuary)
Teacher: Sylvia Beard

In Session: Yes