What To Expect

If you are considering visiting our church, we are sure you have many questions! Here are the most common questions that are asked, and some answers to help prepare you for your visit:

“What should I wear? Suit and tie? Jeans?”

We want you to come to one of our services just as you are! Jesus never asked people to change the way they looked when He met them, and neither do we! When you walk into our sanctuary on a Sunday morning, you will see some people wearing suits and more formal attire, and you will also see people in jeans and a T-shirt (okay, maybe not during a Cleveland winter, but you get the point!).

“Do you make visitors stand up and introduce themselves? I don’t want to beĀ embarrassed!”

First off, it is important for you to know that when you attend one of our services as a visitor, you are our special guest for the day! We don’t make visitors stand up and introduce themselves, instead we have a Connection Card in the pews, that we would love for you to fill out so that we can get to know you better. All of our staff is available after the service to greet you and answer any questions that you may have, as well as a welcome bag available at our information desk.

“I have kids – where do they go during service?”

While you are welcome to bring your children with you into the main service, we highly recommend leaving them in the capable hands of our Children’s pastor, and her team of highly motivated volunteers! From infancy to 5th Grade, we have incredible programs that will be ten times more exciting than our main service for your kids! In fact we find that kids who attend KidzBlast on a Sunday morning tend to dominate the conversation on the drive home with tales of what they learned and what exciting games they played that morning! Consider yourself warned!

“Do you expect me to give during the offering?”

Absolutely not! The offering is meant for people who call Painesville Assembly “home” to give part of their income back to God, as well as any offerings they may have. As a visitor you are our honored guest, so don’t feel bad not putting money into the collection bags! We hope that as you continue to visit our church, one day you will call it home – at that point we will revisit this topic!