Our Church

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We are a family-oriented, multi-generational church with a passion for God, people and life! We hope you will join us for one of our services soon! Our motto around here is “Connect. Grow. Serve.” That is because we believe that everyone who walks through our doors, should connect with God and others, should start to grow in those relationships, and finally we believe that as people grow, they should¬†start to serve God and others with the gifts that they have.

Our History

As a church, we have a long and fruitful history in the Lake County area, in fact we have been serving our community for 80 years! Painesville Assembly of God had it’s beginnings in Fairport, Ohio in 1936 in a rented storefront. Over the next several years we held several different locations, and it was in 1938 that we officially joined the Assemblies of God denomination. At the time the church was called ‘First Pentecostal Church’, and it wasn’t until 1954 that we officially changed our name to Painesville Assembly of God. Almost 57 years on, we are still a thriving community with new members joining all the time! Since our beginnings we have undergone a lot of changes, including moving to our current location on Route 84, and building up the property, including a 700 seat sanctuary and ¬†a new parking lot. We sincerely hope that taking up space in buildings is not all we have achieved in our community, and if you ask some of our members why they joined Painesville Assembly of God they won’t say it was because of our sanctuary, or our new landscaping – we honestly believe that they will tell you that at one point in time God used us to impact their lives, and they were forever changed by His presence. That is the REAL history that we want to remember, and we hope that you will one day be a part of that!